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No, you do not need to be home on the day we clean as long as we can gain access to the front and rear of your property. We could even climb over your gate or fence by using a ladder, failing that we will charge accordingly for the front of your property only.

We use pure water which goes through an intensive filtration process removing all minerals and hard water deposits that occur naturally in normal tap water.

Tap water contains many impurities it collects as it passes through rocks into our reservoirs. These include magnesium, calcium and limescale which can be seen in kettles and washing machines. If this water is used for window cleaning it can lead to spotting and tiny hard water deposits left on the glass.

We cannot guarantee that your property will be cleaned on the exact same day every visit, as our work can be subject to short notice change for example sickness, holiday and unpredictable British weather.

We do ask that you are somewhat flexible give or take a few days prior the week commencing your clean date. We are able to notify you the day before and this can be done via a “no reply” text message if you have opted in.

The water droplets left on the windows will be 100% pure water and will dry completely clear. Please do not attempt to dry them as this will only result in contaminating the clean surfaces with smears and blemishes resulting in a bad clean. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, please note that there might be one or two water spots on the glass.

YES – we clean windows in moderate rainfall, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be able to offer a regular window cleaning service. Rain is relatively pure so doesn’t effect the quality of the clean but if the weather is stormy with high winds we usually take the day off. If we’ve cleaned your windows whilst it was raining and you feel that the finish is substandard just let us know within 24 hours as we offer a “Rain Guarantee” I would rather clean them again than unknowingly have unhappy customers.

We place a calling card invoice through your letterbox once the clean is complete. You may not always notice that we have been as your windows and frames will always be in tip top condition with our service. Customers can conveniently pay online via BACS and standing order, please your use address as payment reference.

Our window cleaning service in Southampton is run on a 4-8 weekly schedule.

We take cash, BACS and card using our private and secure handheld device.

We use water fed poles and traditional squeegee’s. Our water fed pole system uses specially filtered water which is why your windows dry clean without marks. Water fed pole also allows us to get to hard to reach areas and respects your privacy. Because of this the water fed pole is our main choice of method.

The Water fed pole is an eco friendly option compared to traditional window cleaning. This is because it eliminates the need to use detergents, soaps and any other chemicals that then wash off onto the ground below.




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